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Split PDF files

Transform your multi-page PDFs into individual files with our easy-to-use webapp. Effortlessly split every page from your PDF into separate files right on your local machine. No uploads required, ensuring fast, secure, and efficient document management. Ideal solution for streamlining workflows and enhancing organization.

Pages per PDF:


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Works without installation!

PDFTool lets you split PDF files directly in your browser. You do not need to install a big application or upload the files to the cloud.

How does this work?

We split your PDF files directly in the browser, this ensures privacy for your documents, the only secure way to do this. PDF splitting in the browser is available for all systems like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Android, iOs and iPad Devices.

Can I split PDF files without internet?

Yes! Open PDFTool, select split and deactivate your internet connection - the application works fully offline.

How to split PDF files online?

  1. Add a document by pulling it into the designated area or by clicking on the same area.
  2. After adding the file, choose after how many pages the original PDF should be split.
  3. Save your new PDFs by clicking the button below.


This PDF splitting tool allows you to securely modify PDF files without an internet-connection. You can turn off your Internet-Connection and still split PDF files locally.

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